At All Channel Electronics, Inc, we strive to provide customers with sophisticated access control and security systems. We also offer technical support and information that provides users with the complete knowledge and understanding of the systems we install. Learn about helpful facts through our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our systems.

Why should I monitor my home security system?

A monitored system not only notifies the police in the event of an alarm, but also verifies where and when this event took place. A monitored system will 
also notify you and your contacts that an alarm is going off at the premises. If your home is not monitored, and you have an alarm, then you are relying on 
others to contact you and the authorities. Also, insurance companies offer up 20% discounts on home insurance if homes are monitored for fire and 
burglar emergencies.

If I don't arm my security every day and only arm my system when I leave town, why should I pay for monitoring solutions for the whole year?

Most ACEI burglar alarm systems are connected to your home's hard-wired fire alarm smoke detectors. Even if your system is not "armed," in the event of a fire alarm emergency, the monitoring company will still be notified. Fire protection is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of if your system is armed. Also, some systems may be monitoring a low temperature detector, in the event of a water heater failure. Your system does not need to be "armed" for this service, as well. Call our service department today to verify that your devices are tied into your security system.

How do I verify to my insurance company that I am currently monitored?

Call or email us your request and we will directly verify your account to your insurance company. A copy of the verification will be sent to your home or business for your records.

How do I view my current emergency contact list?

Visit the user-friendly C.O.P.S. customer site. Enter your receiver number. These are the first three or four digits of your account number (ex. 393, 4073, or 4074). Enter your account number, these are the last three or four digits of your account number. Enter your personal pass code. Once you have these entered, choose view account information. You can look at your existing emergency contact list and contact us regarding any changes that need to be made to your account.

Can I call in and change my emergency contact list verbally?

No. Contact list change requests must be made in writing. ACEI will verify these changes were made via email, fax, or phone.

How do I cancel a false alarm?

All the steps are on our false alarm ID card.

How do I get more security stickers?

Call us in advance and we can stop by and replace these stickers free of charge when we are in your area.

Are security lawn signs available?

Absolutely. These reflective stainless steel signs are available for an extra cost. Call or email us for pricing.

Can I add a wireless arm and disarm key tag to my existing security system?

Absolutely. We would need to examine your current system to verify if your system is set up for wireless arming and disarming.
Contact us in Madison, Wisconsin, for integrated security systems, including access control and fire and burglar alarm systems.

Contact us in Madison, Wisconsin, for integrated security systems, including access control and fire and burglar alarm systems.